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Session 55: European and global ART monitoring

F. Zegers - Hochschild (Chile)
Is world IVF going in one direction?  


Session 56: Debate - Paramedical invited session - Getting rich by giving sperm? This house believes that sperm donation can be commercialised

H. Tournaye (Belgium)
Getting rich by giving sperm! This house believes that sperm donation can be commercialized: pro  
L. Witjens (United Kingdom)
Contra: Making money from selling sperm. Feeling eternally rich by giving it.  
H. Tournaye ()


Session 57: Deep insight into oocyte quality

C.E. Plancha (Portugal)
Does hormonal stimulation affect oocyte and embryo quality?  
T. Ebner (Austria)
Oocyte quality and embryo development: a possible correlation with AMH levels  

Session 58: Embryology - Non-invasive assessment

T. Hardarson (Sweden)
Non-invasive metabolomic profiling of day 2 and 5 embryo culture media: Prospective randomized trial – interim analysis  
R. Devjak (Slovenia)
Comparison of cumulus cell gene expression in controlled ovarian stimulation with GnRH agonists and antagonists  


Session 59: Ovarian response and OHSS

M. Grynberg (France)
Antral follicle responsiveness to FSH assessed by the Follicular Output RaTe (FORT) predicts IVF-ET outcome  
V. Genro (Brazil)
Antral follicle responsiveness to FSH assessed by the follicular output RaTe (FORT) is not influenced by polymorphisms Ala307 and Ser680 of the FSH receptor (FSHR) gene  
I. de Zúñiga (Argentina)
Role of vascular endothelial cell growth factor (VEGF) and angiopoietins (ANGPTs) in ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)  


Session 60: Children's health

A. Pinborg (Denmark)
Singletons born after frozen embryo transfer (FET) have an increased risk of being large for gestational age – Danish National controlled cohort study of 15078 singletons  
A. Sazanova (Sweden)
Factors affecting obstetric outcome of singletons born after In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)  
M. Garcia Cabrera (Spain)
Influence of assisted reproductive technologies in the prevalence of congenital defects. Study on low risk of congenital defects population  
N. Macklon (United Kingdom)
stopping smoking in the periconceptional period ameliorates effects of smoking on perinatal outcomes  


Session 61: Female fertility

Z.P. Nagy (U.S.A.)
Clinical evaluation of elective single embryo transfer (eSET) efficiency using cryopreserved oocytes in donor IVF treatment procedure  
M. Jayaprakasan Kanna (United Kingdom)
Prediction of suitability for becoming an egg share donor  
E. Hauzman (Hungary)
Exploring different criteria by 2D or 3D ultrasound for triggering final oocyte maturation in an oocyte donation program: a randomized pilot study  
V. Smith (United Kingdom)
Lesbian, single and heterosexual women: outcome of 3534 consecutive cycles of donor insemination (DI)  
A. van Peperstraten (The Netherlands)
The value of different means of support in shared decision making for single or double embryo transfer  
S. Igarashi (Japan)
Uterine artery embolization with n-butyl cyanoacrylate for massive obstetric hemorrhage allows uterine fertility preservation  


Session 62: Endometrium, implantation and endometriosis

D.H. Edgar (Australia)
Maternal age, implantation and progression to live birth; a quantitative anlysis of outcomes from the transfer of 24,016 embryos  
A. de Graaff (The Netherlands)
The significant effect of endometriosis on psychosocial and physical well-being: results from an international study  
E. Garcia- Cerrudo (Spain)
Endometrium and peritoneum coculture induces differential expression of adhesion related genes  
M.S. Salker (United Kingdom)
Deregulation of the serum and glucocorticoid regulated Kinase SGK1 in the endometrium causes reproductive failure  
A. Mitra (India)
Role of cyclin-e and hoxa-10 gene expression in endometrial receptivity  
A. Komsky (Israel)
Conventional IVF versus ICSI in sibling oocytes from couples with endometriosis  
D. Finas (Germany)
Treatment of endometriosis with an anti-L1CAM mAb – a mouse model  


Session 63: Preimplantation genetics

P. Colls (U.S.A.)
PGD for translocations using array comparative genome hybridization  
A. Capalbo (Italy)
Sequential comprehensive chromosome analysys on polar bodies, blastomeres and trophoblast: inefficacy of polar bodies approach in predicting female meiotic aneuploidies  
P. Rubino (Italy)
Re-testing of no results embryos in PGD cycles by second biopsy at blastocyst stage  
C. Beyazyurek (Turkey)
Outcomes of 327 cycles on preimplantation human leukocyte antigen typing with or without mutation analysis  
D. Wells (United Kingdom)
Segmental chromosome imbalance in human oocytes and preimplantation embryos: incidence, origin and clinical relevance  
A. Kashevarova (Russia C.I.S.)
Identification of differentially methylated cell cycle genes in human embryos with chromosomal mosaicism  


Session 65: Members' information session

L. Gianaroli (Italy)
Update on EU activities  
E.V. Mocanu (Ireland)
Update on SOHO project  
A.P. Ferraretti (Italy)
POR paper  
B.C. Tarlatzis (Greece)
PCOS consensus paper  
S. Gordts (Belgium)
Trophy Study  
L. Gianaroli (Italy)
Best Practices of ASRM/ESHRE Meeting  


Session 66: SREI/ASRM exchange session - Treatment options for PCOS

B.R. Carr (U.S.A.)
Treatment Options for PCOS: Fertility Treatment  
N. Santoro (U.S.A.)
Treatment Options for PCOS: Non-fertility treatment  


Session 67: Equal and safe access to ART

J. Gerris (Belgium)
Evidence based safety in ART: Principles, Paradigms and Practice  


Session 68: Embryology - The oocyte

R. Vassena (Spain)
Waves of embryonic genome activation in human preimplantation development  
M. Montag (Germany)
Clinical application of artificial oocyte activation: Results of a prospective multicenter study  
M. Niinimäki (Finland)
Elective single embryo transfer in women aged 40 – 44 years  
K. Hiraoka (Japan)
Impact of the volume of cytoplasm aspirated into injection pipette at the time of oolemma breakage on the fertilization rate after ICSI  


Session 69: Endocrinology and POF

R. Islam (United Kingdom)
The impact of premature ovarian failure on quality of life: results from the UK 1958 Birth Cohort  
X. Zhen (China)
Circulating markers of autoimmunity in Chinese women with premature ovarian failure and age-matched healthy women  
S. Kawachiya (Japan)
Short-term, low-dose, post-trigger non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug application improves the outcome of natural cycle IVF  
M. Jinno (Japan)
Implications of advanced glycation end-products (AGE) in poor ART outcomes and a novel successful therapy for very severe ART patients with sitagliptin by decreasing AGE  
H. Chen (China)
The effects of endometrial thickness on IVF-ET outcomes in 4379 fresh embryo transfer or 3247 frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles  
C.M. Garcia Pascual (Spain)
The role of angiogenesis specific Notch in corpora lutea formation  
M. Youssef (Egypt)
Is there a place for Corifollitropin alfa in IVF/IVSI cycles? A systematic review and meta-analysis  


Session 70: Andrology and seminal factors

R. Matorras (Spain)
Sperm processing: the time interval as prognostic factor in intrauterine insemination (iui)  
R. Nunez - Calonge (Spain)
Intra-individual long-term variation in sperm DNA fragmentation: is it a matter of being a patient?  
S. Palini (Italy)
Analysis of the correlation between semen parameters and the levels of retinol, tocopherol and carotenoids in human seminal plasma and blood  
S. García-Herrero (Spain)
Individualized sperm samples microarray analyses reveals differences among infertile patients achieving or not pregnancy by intrauterine insemination  
D. Dyulgerova - Nikolova (Bulgaria)
Is the semen quality affected by stress on the day of oocyte pick up?  
I. Pons Mallol (Spain)
Sperm dna fragmentation decreases reducing the duration of abstinence  
E.G.J.M. Arts (The Netherlands)
Does sperm morphology according to Tygerberg criteria have a predictive value for spontaneous pregnancy?  


Session 71: Quality management in ART

F. Bissonnette (Canada)
Funding is the most powerful tool against multiple pregnancies in ART  
A.M.M. Wetzels (The Netherlands)
Quality management systems give rise to low intra-laboratory variations of well-defined indicators  
A. Pariente-Khayat (France)
From ART vigilance to best practices  
N. Van Den Boogaard (The Netherlands)
Professionals’ barriers and facilitators of tailored expectant management; a national survey  
G. Emerson (Ireland)
Temperature variation during shipping of culture media - a hidden risk in ART?  
J. Halliday (Australia)
Recruitment of IVF conceived young adults and health outcome assessments  


Session 72: Female fertility and ART

A.S. Setti (Brazil)
Relationship between oocyte abnormal morphology and intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcomes: a meta-analysis  
V. Rittenberg (United Kingdom)
Effect of body mass index on IVF treatment outcome: an updated systematic review and meta-analysis  
K. Peeraer (Belgium)
The impact of legally enforced embryo transfer policy (Belgian law 2003) on cumulative delivery rate  
M. Ochalski (U.S.A.)
Elevated progesterone level at oocyte retrieval negatively impacts IVF success in an antagonist protocol  


Session 73: Epidemiology & health economics

Y.A. Wang (Australia)
Donor age is a major determinant of success of oocyte donation/recipient program  
B. Fulford (United Kingdom)
Does knowledge of fertility risks translate into action? Findings from the International Fertility Decision-Making Study (IFDMS) “Starting Families”  
M. Connolly (Switzerland)
The long-term fiscal impact of changes to reimbursement of assisted reproduction on government accounts in Denmark  
S. Druckenmiller (U.S.A.)
What do young women really want? A look inside the minds of potential oocyte donors  
L. Privitera (Spain)
Hepatitis B (HBV), C (HCV) and human immunodeficiency (HIV) viruses prevalence and seroconversions among infertile patients and oocyte donors in 524487 analysis  


Session 74: Award and closing ceremony

A. Tang (United Kingdom)
A pilot, double blind randomised controlled trial of prednisolone for women with recurrent miscarriage and raised uterine natural killer cell density  
J.W. Kim (Korea, South)
An association of IL-18 gene polymorphisms with impaired glucose regulation in Korean patients with polycystic ovary syndrome  
A. Reyes Palomares (Spain)
Influence of 5-HTTLPR variants in the SLC6A4 gene over pregnancy outcomes among recipients of donated eggs  
T. Gürgan (Turkey)
Welcome to ESHRE 2012 in Istanbul  

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