Fertility preservation in cancer

ESHRE Campus symposium
Bologna, Italy
25-26 November 2010  


The ESHRE Task Force „Fertility preservation in severe diseases“ - Michael von Wolff (Germany)

Ethics of fertility preservation in cancer patients - Guido Pennings (Belgium)

Cancer epidemiology in children and women of reproductive age - Fedro Peccatori (Italy)

Genetically determined causes of premature ovarian failure - Daniela Toniolo (Italy)

Psychological and ethical issues in fertility preservation in children - Johannes Bitzer (Switzerland)

Fertility preservation for young people with cancer: what are the remaining challenges? - W Hamish B Wallace (UK)

Oocyte cryopreservation - Veronica Bianchi (Italy)

Crypreservation of sperm - Alberto Ferlin (Italy)

Cryopreservation of zygotes and embryos: Still the most succeful? - Safaa Al-Hasani (Germany)

Spermatozoa from testicular stem cells? - Stefan Schlatt (Germany)

Management of an ovarian cryopreservation program - Markus Montag (Germany)

Ovarian cryopreservation and transplantation program: the Danish network - Claus Yding Andersen (Denmark)

Cryopreservation of the whole ovary: What is New? - Pasquale Patrizio (USA)

The oncologist perspective - Lino Del Pup (Italy)

Estrogen-sensitivity of breast cancers and ovarian stimulation regimes - Michael von Wolff (Germany)

First and second line fertility preservation treatments - Andrea Borini (Italy)

Ovarian cancer and fertility preservetion: the oncologist prospect - Paola Villa (Italy)

Biotechnology of follicle growth in vitro - Evelyn E. Telfer (UK)

The future of IVM - Thomas Strowitzki (Germany)

Fertility after Hodgkin Lymphoma (HL): the oncologist prospect - Karolin Behringer (Germany)

Oncofertility - non invasive fertility preservation in young women - GnRH-a - Zeev Blumenfeld (Israel)

Orthotopic transplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue in humans - Jacques Donnez (Belgium)

In vitro models for fertility preservation - Helen M. Picton (UK)