Insurance models for Reproductive Medicine: a global perspective

ESHRE Campus symposium
Venice, Italy
11-12 February 2011

Organised by the ESHRE Task Force on “Management of Fertility Centres”


The organisation of this symposium was facilitated by an unrestricted grant from 




Legal aspects on IVF cases - Flaviano Antenucci (Head of Loss Adjustment, Medical Malpractice Area, Assicurazioni Generali) 

Medical malpractice: a critical area for insurance companies Tommaso Ceccon (Head of Property and Liability, Assicurazioni Generali)

The power of demography: how demographic dynamics affect society, politics and economyJacques De Mouzon (France)

Cryopreservation of gametes and embryosP. Devroey (Belgium)

European IVF Monitoring Data - A.P. Ferraretti (Italy)

Loss prevention in IVF laboratories - Roberto Gaggero (Hospital Risk Management Division, Assicurazioni Generali)

Presentation of ESHRE L. Gianaroli (Italy)

The European legislative mosaic - L. Gianaroli (Italy)

Closing Remarks - L. Gianaroli (Italy)

Patients’ perspectiveClare Lewis Jones (United Kingdom)

Quality systems in ARTT. Mardesic (Czech Republic)

The potential patient A. Pellicer (Spain)

Cross border reproductive care from gametes to patients - G. Pennings (Belgium) 

Outcome of reproductive technologiesB.C. Tarlatzis (Greece)