Complex cases in infertility counselling: discovering new territories, implementing new techniques and creating new conversations

Precongress Course 10

Psychology and Counselling Special Interest Group Psychology and Counselling

Course type

Course Co-ordinators
Uschi Van den Broeck (Belgium) and Sofia Gameiro (Portugal)


Course discription
Over the past decades, infertility counseling has become a specialist area in medically assisted reproduction and more widespread among countries and centres. This course will focus on some of the more complex cases in infertility counselling that challenge medical as well as mental health professionals in their own thoughts and practices. Where does technology lead us and how do we translate this in talking to our patients? Where do we find ourselves in these new territories? Are there boundaries? The course is dedicated to focus on “difficult” issues such as posthumous conception, incidental findings, third party reproduction, sexual aspects, fertility preservation and so on.


Target audience
Psychologists, mental health professionals, nurses, physicians, ethicists, ...


Educational needs and expected outcomes

This course is designed to provide the latest evidence (if any) as well as tools to tackle complex cases in the field of infertility counselling. It will promote discussion and elucidate relevant ethical and societal questions.
In previous years members of the SIG Psychology and Counselling have specifically asked for PCC that focus on clinical aspects and case work. This course is therefore in follow-up of the educational need identified by participants at a previous ESHRE meeting.

At the end of this course the participant should be aware of the counselling challenges and have a framework to consider complex cases concerning posthumous conception, incidental findings, third party reproduction, sexual aspects and fertility preservation.