Academic Authorship Programme

How to survive peer review?

Precongress Course 11
Editors of Human Reproduction journals

Course co-ordinator(s)
Hans Evers (The Netherlands), Felice Petraglia (Italy), Chris Barratt (United Kingdom)

Course type

Course description
This course will introduce the participant to the way peer review works. After attending the course, the participant will be familiar with the best ways to approach a study when invited as an expert reviewer by a scientific journal. The way journals work – with special emphasis on the review process – will be illustrated, as will the different forms of peer review, and we will look ahead into the future of peer review. In addition, the most important forms of study design and their specific aspects to pay attention to as a reviewer will be discussed.

Course format
There will be traditional lectures, Q&As, and ample opportunity for informal interaction.

Target audience
Young clinicians and scientists, people at the outset of the writing phase of their academic career, and all those who wish to familiarize themselves with present day ideas about peer review.