Managing the difficult IVF patient: facts and fiction

Precongress Course 2

Reproductive Endocrinology Special Interest Group Reproductive Endocrinology


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Course co-ordinators
Stratis Kolibianakis (Greece)

Course type


Course description
The course will provide the most up-to-date knowledge on the management of the “difficult” IVF patient, the treatment of whom represents a major challenge for the clinician.


Target audience
Reproductive physicians and nurses


Educational needs and expected outcomes
By critically appraising the existing literature, the course will guide the clinician on how to optimally manage the patient with advanced age, with extremely low or high BMI as well as the patient presenting with a thin endometrium. The course will also address important problems such as how to manage the patient with recurrent implantation failure and that complicated by medical disorders. Moreover, focus will be given on controversial issues such as the management of IVF patients with endometriomas or intramural fibroids as well as on how to increase compliance and avoid discontinuation of IVF treatment.