The impact of exercise, sport and doping on human fertility

Precongress Course 8

Andrology Special Interest Group Andrology

Course coordinators
Diana Vaamonde (Spain) and Stefan Schlatt (Germany)

Course type


Course discription
The course will provide basic knowledge on physiological aspects of sports and exercise on gonadal function and gamete quality in both sexes. It will also provide insight into doping and abuse. Since the number of patients abusing drugs or being exposed to intense sports increases constantly this course provides an important introduction and guideline to deal with these patients

Target audience
Clinicians, paramedical staff, embryologists, urologists, gynecologists and andrologists with an interest in extending their knowledge of exercise and sport activities on human reproductive health. In addition the negative consequences of doping on male fertility will be presented and curing options will be discussed.

Educational needs and expected outcomes 
The overall topic and the specific themes for the speakers were discussed among the coordinators and all SIGA board members by Email exchange and during discussions at the ESHRE meeting 2014 in Munich. The group addressed the relevance of the topic and confirmed that the close conjunction with the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil will create additional enthusiasm. It was generally recognized that this topic is of relevance for ESHRE members and that the topic had been poorly covered in recent years. The expected educational outcomes will be the understanding of exercise on the regulation of the gonads and a possible impact on gamete quality and fertility. The effects of doping will also be explained and potential medical support of sports(wo)men with the desire to achieve a pregnancy will be discussed. The participants will improve their knowledge of the topic and potentially change their medical practice. Educational impact will improve understanding, skills, attitudes or behaviours of the participants and may help clinicians to better perform in patient care.