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Lunches and Refreshments
During the congress, ESHRE will offer complimentary coffee and lunches to all registered participants. Coffee and lunches will be served throughout the exhibition area in Hall 2.
Admission Badges
Congress badges should be worn by all participants at all times during the congress, during the Precongress Courses, in the exhibit area and within other areas of the congress centre as well as during social activities. Only participants wearing their congress badge will be admitted to the scienti c sessions, to the exhibition and to the social events.
Badge colour codes are as follows:
YELLOW: access to precongress courses only
BLUE: access to main program only (not to the precongress courses)
PINK: access to the exhibit and other congress facilities, but no access to
any of the scienti c sessions (i.e. precongress courses as well as main program)
Please note that if you lose or misplace your badge, you will be required to pay a 50 Euro fee to have a new badge issued.
By using the participant’s badge, you accept the following terms of use, which are applicable:
Personal data (more speci c your name, address, company or institute working
for, email address, telephone number, fax number) provided to ESHRE by
the participant by email and/or by contact form and/or registration, will be (i) transmitted on the participant’s badge you will receive and (ii) treated by ESHRE con dentially and in conformity with the Belgian Privacy Law. The controller of the data processing is: ESHRE – The European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology, Meerstraat, n° 60, in 1852 Grimbergen, Belgium– Bruno van den Eede, Managing Director.
The Personal data that is collected and may be used by ESHRE for information and promotional campaigns. In compliance with the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy, upon request, participants can object free of charge to the use of their data for these promotional campaign purposes.
Other than that, personal data are not processed or transmitted by ESHRE to third parties outside ESHRE without the consent of the relevant individuals, unless ESHRE is required to do this by virtue of mandatory legal requirements or rulings by the courts or of cial bodies.
Monday, 3 July 09.30 — 10:00 13.00 — 14:00 16:30 — 17:00
Tuesday, 4 July 09.30 — 10:00 13.00 — 14:00 16:30 — 17:00
Wednesday, 5 July 09.30 — 10:00 13.00 — 14:00
coffee lunch coffee
coffee lunch coffee
coffee lunch
Legal disclaimer - Privacy Policy

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