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10:45 O-006
Oliana Strings: Perivitelline threads that originate from corona radiata cells and cause fragmentation in human embryos
O. Oliana Membrado1, R. Derrick2, C. Hickman3, T. Wilkinson1, D. Gwinnett1, R. Fawthrop1, A. Carby4, S. Lavery5
1Boston Place Clinic, Embryology, London, United Kingdom
2Imperial College London, Medicine, London, United Kingdom
3Boston Place Clinic- Imperial College London, Embryology, London, United Kingdom 4Boston Place Clinic, Clinical, London, United Kingdom
5The Fertility Partnership, Clinical, London, United Kingdom
Does the extent of blastocyst hatching at time of trophectoderm biopsy affect PGD clinical outcome?
Y. Dajani1, M. Elshahidy1, T. El-Toukhy1, Y. Khalaf1, V. Bolton1
1Guy's and St. Thomas' hospital, Assisted Conception Unit, London, United Kingdom
Complete zona pellucida removal facilitates embryo attachment and outgrowth by upregulating the integrin α5 and β1 expression in human blastocysts: in vitro outgrowth model
K. Ezoe1, S. Ueno2, A. Yabuuchi1, K. Uchiyama2, T. Okimura2, T. Kobayashi3, K. Kato3 1Kato Ladies Clinic, RD Division, Tokyo, Japan
2Kato Ladies Clinic, Embryology Laboratory, Tokyo, Japan
3Kato Ladies Clinic, Department of Gynecology, Tokyo, Japan
11:00 O-007
11:15 O-008

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