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14:00 - 15:15 Forum (Auditorium)
Session 72: New horizons in IVF
Chairman: I. Sfontouris (Greece) Chairman: E. Clua Obradó (Spain)
   14:00 O-275
Using artificial intelligence (AI) and time-lapse to improve human blastocyst morphology evaluation
M. Meseguer Escriva1, N. Zaninovic2, F.G. Nogueira Marcelo3, O. Oliana4, T. Wilkinson5, L. Benham-Whyte5, S. Lavery4, C. Hickman4, J.C. Rocha6
1Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad, IVF Laboratory, Valencia, Spain
2Cornell University, IVF Laboratory, New York, U.S.A.
3Sao Paolo State University-UNESP, Laboratory of Embryonic Micromanipulation, Sao Paolo, Brazil 4Imperial College of London, Faculty of Medicine, London, United Kingdom
5Oxford University, Reproductive Biology, Oxford, United Kingdom
6Sao Paolo State University-UNESP, Applied Mathematics Laboratory, Sao Paolo, Brazil
Optimising Machine Learning Algorithms for the Non-Invasive analysis of the embryo secretome to enhance informed decisions imediately prior to embryo transfer
S. Butler1, F. Sharara2, R. Zmuidinaite3, R. Iles3 1MAP Sciences, R&D, Bedford, United Kingdom 2Virginia Centre for Reproductive Medicine, U.S.A., 3MAP Sciences, Research, Bedford, United Kingdom
Automation in the IVF laboratory: preliminary results with a new device able to do both vitrification/rewarming of mice and bovine oocytes and embryos
P. Patrizio1, Y. Natan2, P. Levi Setti3, M. Leong4, A. Arav5
1Yale Fertility Center, Obstetrics/Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, New Haven, U.S.A. 2FertileSafe Ltd., Experimental Research Laboratory- 11 HaHarash st., Nes-Ziona- Israel, Israel 3Istituto Clinico Humanitas, Reproductive Medicine unit/ Dept OB/GYN, Rozzano- Milano, Italy 4The Womens Clinic, Reproductive Medicine Clinic, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
5FertileSafe Ltd, Experimental Research Laboratory- 11 HaHarash st, Nes Ziona, Israel
   14:15 O-276
14:30 O-277

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