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 P-488 RCT depicting favourable IVF outcomes following ATT (anti-tubercular treatment) either on abnormal endoscopy findings or history of contact of tuberculosis
P.C. Jindal1, R. Singh2, M. Singh3
1Bhopal Test Tube Baby Centre, Infertility, Bhopal, India 2Bhopal Test- Tube- Baby Centre, Infertility, Bhopal, India 3Bhopal Test-Tube-Baby Centre, Infertility, Bhopal, India
P-489 Bed rest after embryo transfer might affect embryo implantation, clinical pregnancy and spontaneous miscarriage rates: a prospective cohort analysis
H. Asakura1, K. Nishio1, Y. Nakahara1, M. Nagaike1
1Ohgimachi ART Ladeis' Clinic, Reproductive Medicine, Osaka, Japan
P-490 Relationship between gestational age and the observed protein patterns of first trimester maternal urine analysed by maldi-tof mass spectrometry
R. Zmuidinaite1, F. Sharara2, S. Butler3, S. Keshavarz3, R. Iles3
1Employee of MAP Sciences, Research and Developement, Mill Hill, United Kingdom 2Virginia Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Embryology, Reston, U.S.A.
3MAP Sciences Ltd, Research, Bedford, United Kingdom
P-491 Towards the development of rapid, first trimester, maternal urine maldi-tof ms screening tests for Downs syndrome
S. Keshavarz1, S. Butler2, J. Iles1, R. Zmuidinaite1, F. Sharara3, R. Iles2 1Employee, Research, Bedford, United Kingdom
2MAPSciences Director, Research, Bedford, United Kingdom
3Virginia Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Embryology, Reston, U.S.A.
P-492 Duration of medicated frozen embryo transfer cycles. Is length of estradiol supplementation having a role in outcomes? A retrospective study.
A. Tsironis1, S. Priyanka1, S. Campbell1, G. Nargund1
1Create Fertility Ltd, St Paul's London, LONDON, United Kingdom
P-493 Minimally-invasive RNA-Seq profiling of the endometrium during stimulated in vitro fertilization cycles to identify predictive markers of endometrial receptivity
C. Chan1, T. Li1, E.J. Shin1, N. Stickle2, C. Virtanen2, N. Winegarden3, T. Brown1, E. Greenblatt1 1Mt Sinai Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Toronto, Canada
2University Health Network, Bioinformatics and HPC Core, Toronto, Canada
3Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Genomics Centre, Toronto, Canada
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