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In July / August daytime temperatures usually range between 18 to 28 °C (65° - 82° F). It is always recommendable to bring a sweater, sunglasses, a compact umbrella and/or a light rain coat and to check current weather conditions and forecasts here

Banks are usually open Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 16:30. They are closed Saturdays, Sundays and on public holidays. However, money can also be changed at major train stations. Look for the "Change/Cambio" signs.

Many banks have automated teller machines (ATMs) that accept overseas bank cards. Please check with your local bank before leaving if your bankcard is valid in Switzerland. Cheques and currency can be changed at exchange bureaus (e.g. FOREX) or at hotel receptions.

The official currency of Switzerland is the Swiss franc, usually referred to as CHF. Switzerland is not part of the European Union and thus is not obliged to convert to the Euro, but sometimes prices maybe indicated in euros. Merchants may accept euros but are not obliged to do so.

Credit cards - American Express, MasterCard and Visa – are widely accepted. Many ATM machines offer the CIRRUS or MAESTRO system and offer advances with your credit card. It is recommended to have a small amount of cash on hand upon arrival in Switzerland for immediate expenses (i.e. taxies, city transportation etc.)

The voltage in Switzerland, as in most of Europe, is 220-230V/50 Hz. Switzerland uses type C CEE 7/16 (2-pin) and Type J SEV 1011 (3-pin) plugs. The standard continental type plug with two round pins, applied for many electrical travel products, may be used without problem.

The Geneva convention bureau has an information desk in the registration area and they will be happy to address all questions related to the city.

Smoking is strictly forbidden within the Palexpo in all session halls, lobbies and other areas during ESHRE 2017 and id generally forbidden in all enclosed areas when these are open to the public or serve as a workplace for more than one person. Hence it is also forbidden to smoke in restaurants, public buildings, offices and on public transport.

The time zone in Switzerland is Central European (Summer) Time CEST, (UTC + two hours).

In principle, anyone travelling to Switzerland must have a valid passport. Visa are required for a (continuous) stay of more than three months. If your stay is shorter than three months you only need to bring your valid passport with you. This applies to citizens of the following countries: countries of the American Continent (except Belize, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Colombia and Peru), Europe, Japan, Australia and New Zealand. Travel documents of third-country nationals for a short stay not exceeding 90 days in any period of 180 days, must:

o be valid for at least three months after the planned departure from Switzerland and
o have been issued within the previous ten years.

The date of issue of the travel document is what counts, regardless of any official extension

More information about entry requirements and to find out if you need to obtain a visa; please consult:
o Entry
o Visa application
o Representation and travel advice

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