What happens in utero lasts a lifetime: A multi-disciplinary approach to improving preconception and early pregnancy care

Precongress Course 6

Early Pregnancy  Ethics and Law Special Interest Groups Early pregnancy, Socio cultural aspects of (in)fertility, and Ethics & Law


Course type
Basic and Advanced

Course co-ordinators
Siobhan Quenby (United Kingdom), Françoise Shenfield (United Kingdom), Veerle Provoost (Belgium) and Guido Pennings (Belgium)

Course description
This joint Precongress Course focuses on scientific, societal and ethical issues which interact with preconception and early pregnancy care, as well as outcomes for the future child, and social consequences.

Target audience
ART practitioners, research scientists, epidemiologists, social scientists and policy-makers, doctors, nurses and midwives.

Educational needs and expected outcomes

This course is designed to provide the latest evidence on the effects of pre-conception care and uterine environment, promote discussion of their social interactions, as well as elucidate the relevant ethical questions.

The course was designed following the participant discussion during the Munich early pregnancy PCC in 2014. Here it became clear that
  • What happens during early pregnancy is critical to long-term human health
  • When we want to improve the early pregnancy environment for the fetus by improving the mother’s health before or during early pregnancy we need more than just gynaecologists and midwifes. We need to involve society and understand the ethical and, legal implications and solutions.

Hence this course addresses an educational need identified by participants at a previous ESHRE meeting.