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P-221 Fresh cycle outcome as a possible predictive factor of post-warming survival and pregnancy in the same cohort of egg donation cycles. A retrospective study
G. Campos Guillaumes1, E. Francisco-Busquets1, E. Boix Illa1, T. Francisco Mendez1, M. Brossa Llibre2, L. Bellapart Diaz2, A. Rocas Huertos3
1Clinica Girexx, Assisted reproduction laboratory, Girona, Spain 2Clinica Girexx, Assisted reproduction laboratory, Barcelona, Spain 3Clinica Girexx, Assisted reproduction, Girona Barcelona, Spain
P-222 Spent culture media from embryos transferred at day 5 show significant altered protein profile subject to ART outcome possibly allowing non-invasive embryo assessment
A. Freis1, S. Roesner1, K. Von Horn1, A. Doster1, J.E. Dietrich1, T. Strowitzki1, A. Germeyer1
1Universitäts-Frauenklinik, Department of Gynecologic Endocrinology and Fertility Disorders, Heidelberg, Germany
P-223 Impact of day 5 vs. day 6 blastocyst transfer on the pregnancy outcome of frozen thawed donor recipient cycles
S. Mittal1, G. Majumdar2, A. Majumdar2
1Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Centre of IVF and Human Reproduction, Delhi, India
2Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Centre of IVF and Human Reproduction, New Delhi, India
P-224 The 1st polar body transfer technique: it works despite the use of fresh or thawed oocytes
I. Ilyin1, N. Buderatskaya2, J. Gontar3, S. Lavrynenko2, N. Kazachkova3, O. Parnitskaya2, K. Ilyina1, E. Kapustin1, Y. Lakhno3, M. Yaroshyk3
1Medical Centre IGR, IVF Department, Kiev, Ukraine 2Medical Centre IGR, Embryology, Kiev, Ukraine
3Medical Centre IGR, Diagnostic Laboratory, Kiev, Ukraine
P-225 In silico assessment of different embryo time-lapse algorithms suitability for an individual clinic
N. Hesketh1, T. Wilkinson1, F. Kylie1, A. Murray1, S. McArthur1 1Genea, Embryology, Sydney, Australia
P-226 Time-lapse analysis of the relationship between cytoplasmic wave location, pronuclei formation, and the developmental competence of single pronuclei (1PN) zygotes
R. Matsunaga1, S. Watanabe1, R. Sakuma1, H. Morita1, R. Hasegawa1, Y. Ohnuki1, K. Isobe1, M. Miura1, Y. Kobayashi1, M. Kamihata1, T. Maeda1, H. Makino1, M. Ochi1, T. Horiuchi2
1Ochi Yume Clinic Nagoya, IVF laboratory, Nagoya, Japan
2Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Department of Life Sciences, Shobara, Japan
P-227 Embryo diameter and implantation potential after direct unequal cleavage of the blastocyst
H. Takahashi1, R. Hirata1, T. Habara2, N. Hayashi2 1Okayama couple’s clinic, laboratory, Okayama, Japan 2Okayama couple’s clinic, Physician, Okayama, Japan

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