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 P-228 A multivariate logistic regression model for predicting live births improves clinical outcomes in frozen single blastocyst transfer cycles
T. Habara1, Y. Miyagi2, R. Hirata1, N. Hayashi1
1Okayama Couple’s Clinic, Infertility, Okayama, Japan
2Medical Data Labo, Department of artificial intelligence, Okayama, Japan
P-230 Embryoglue® as medium for embryo transfer: does it really improve the outcomes? A prospective randomized controlled trial
J. Ten1, R. Sellers1, A. Rodríguez-Arnedo1, J. Guerrero1, J.A. Ortiz2, B. Moliner3, R. Bernabeu3 1Instituto Bernabeu, Embryology Unit, Alicante, Spain
2Instituto Bernabeu Biotech, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Alicante, Spain
3Instituto Bernabeu, Reproductive Medicine, Alicante, Spain
P-231 the challenges of temperature control in the IVF laboratory during necessary manipulations and assessments
A. Blasco Navarro1, R. Smith1
1Care Fertility, Embryology, Sheffield, United Kingdom
P-232 High levels of Follicular fluid oxidative stress are present in younger patients and fertile donors
D. Castello Salom1, R. Del Gallego1, L. Bori1, I. Hervas1, L. Alegre1, T.C. Cnaani2, S.S. Shnizer2, M. Meseguer1
1IVIRMA, IVF Department, Valencia, Spain
2Carmel Diagnostics, Development Department, Kiryat-Tivon, Israel
P-233 Can apply Artificial Chemical Oocyte activation with Strontium Chloride for couples with severe male factor infertility or previous failed IVF cycles?
N. Thondehal Math1, G. Uttur1, D. Ganesh1, S. Weon Young2
1Gunasheela Surgical & Maternity Hospital, embryology, Bangalore, India 2McGill University, Embryology, Montreal, Canada
P-234 Distribution of FSH Receptor polymorphism (FSHR) at position 680, in South Indian women and their responses to Controlled Ovarian Stimulation (COS) for ICSI cycles
K. Karthik1, S.R. Nellapalli1, A. Nandakumar1, R. Vembu1, M. Pandurangi1, S. Nagireddy1
1Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Chennai, India
P-235 The clinical outcome of ultra-low oxygen tension on post-thawed human blastocyst
S. El Tanbouly1, A.G. Hussin1, H. El Khedr1, H. Zaki1 1Ganin Fertility Center, ivf, Cairo, Egypt
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