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P-236 BESST, a non-invasive computational tool for embryo selection using mass spectral profiling of embryo culture media
F.I. Sharara1, P. Ricardo2, Z. Raminta2, K. Sholeh2, I. Ray2, B. Steven2 1Virginia Center for Reproductive Medicine, REI, Reston, U.S.A. 2MAP Sciences, MAP sciences, London, United Kingdom
P-237 Evaluation of developmental competences of paired blastomeres of mouse 2-cell embryos and establishment of splitted monozygotic twin embryos model
J. Lee1, Y.J. Choi1, J.E. Park1, J. Kim2, W. Kim1, J.W. Choi1, J.H. Jun3
1Eulji University, Biomedical laboratory science, Gyeonggi do, Korea- South
2Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine, Clinical Medicine Division, Daejeon, Korea- South
3Eulji University, Dept. of Biomedical Laboratory Science- Dept. of Senior Healthcare- BK21 plus program- Graduated School- Eulji Medi-Bio Research Institute EMBRI, Gyeonggi do, Korea- South
P-239 Day 4 embryo vitrification: is it a valid option for IVF lab practice?
A. Chatziparasidou1, S. Sgoura1, M. Martha1, N. Christoforidis1 1Embryolab, ivf, Thessaloniki, Greece
P-240 Role of major endocannabinoid-binding receptors during mouse oocyte maturation and spindle organization
V. Di Nisio1, G. Rossi1, S. Oddi2, M. Maccarrone3, S. Cecconi1
1University of L’Aquila, Dept. of Life- Health and Environmental Sciences, L’Aquila, Italy 2University of Teramo, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Teramo, Italy
3Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome, Department of Medicine, Rome, Italy
P-241 A non-invasive, rapid method to discriminate euploid and aneuploid embryo by MALDI Tof MS of culture media
S. Keshavarz1, F. Sharara2, R. Pais1, R. Zmuidinaite1, R. Iles1, S. Butler1 1MAP Sciences Ltd, Research, Bedford, United Kingdom
2Virginia Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Embryology, Reston, U.S.A.
P-242 Mitochondrial (mt) DNA copy number may affect blastulation timing
D. Beltrán Torregrosa1, C. Albert1, A. Mifsud1, A. Mercader1, A. Pellicer2, M.J. De los Santos1 1IVIRMA Valencia, IVF Lab, Valencia, Spain
2IVIRMA Valencia, Obgyn, Valencia, Spain
P-243 Retrospective study of changes in mitochondrial levels of blastocysts in a single-step culture medium
E. Seow Pei Yin1
1Kesuburan Sentosa Sdn Bhd IVF Bridge Fertility Center, Embryology Lab, Johor Bahru- Johor, Malaysia

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