Become one of the famous ESHRE5 Young Ambassadors

We are delighted to announce the forthcoming milestone of our 40th Annual Meeting, coupled with the highly anticipated ninth edition of the ‘ESHRE5’ initiative.

Are you passionate about driving positive change and are you ready to have your voice heard on X, then we encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity to become one of our famous ESHRE5 Young Ambassadors.

Set against the backdrop of the vibrant city of Amsterdam, the ESHRE5 initiative aims to enhance the coverage of the ESHRE Annual Meeting on social media and give a special focus on younger members of the community of reproductive health specialists.

As we gear up for this major event, we are seeking five enthusiastic individuals who are eager to leverage their social media presence on X and wish to spread their views and take aways on the research presented at the Annual Meeting.The X-posts of the Young Ambassadors will be reposted on the @theESHRE5 and @eshre X accounts.

Being one of the ESHRE5 is a rewarding experience which can help expand your network, initiate discussion and raise your visibility within the ESHRE community of reproductive health professionals.

We're thrilled to showcase some of the inspiring quotes shared by our Young Ambassadors from last year's ESHRE5 (YA 2023) Andrea Dietl and Maíra Casalechi;

Andrea: "Participating in one of the most renowned global conferences concerning human reproduction and embryology was a big success. Not only were the presentations of the latest studies on a very high scientific standard, but the automatic connection with other interested members was just outstanding. It was so easy to connect with specialists from all over the world. One highlight was the ‘Speed dating’ being directly paired with professionals in reproduction and embryology.

As part of the ESHRE5 we were offered a perfect platform to represent the young generation of aspiring professionals that are eager to learn from ‘the old experienced’ and bring in our own new ideas. Anytime we were warmly welcomed by the ESHRE community, feeling appreciated for our commitment. And in the evenings there was enough time to socialize and finding friends for the upcoming annual meeting.”

MairaMaíra: “Being one of the ESHRE 5 and having to report live everything that was happening at ESHRE 2023 was way better than I could ever imagine, a real one in a lifetime experience. The feeling I have was that my brain changed - to better! - a little bit when, instead of only watching the presentations, I had to watch, understand, and resume it to a few characters to instantly share and discuss it with thousands of people via Twitter (X now). Also, sharing and participating in the discussions online was fun and intense, and having to find the best answer/argumentation in the right tone definitely improved my communication skills. More than that, the ESHRE5 team was incredible, composed with amazing other young investigators from all over the globe in diverse areas of Reproductive Medicine, which helped expand my network in a lot of directions. I couldn't recommend more applying to be one of The ESHRE5!”


What does it take?

Before applying to become an ESHRE Young Ambassador for our 40th Annual Meeting, please consider our main selection criteria:

- You must be born after 07 July 1989
- You must be registered for the 40th ESHRE Annual Meeting at time of application
- You must be present onsite in Amsterdam
- You must complete the application form available here
- You will be selected based on your motivation and X- experience


What is expected from our young ambassadors?
  • Produce posts in relation with the 2024 ESHRE Annual Meeting, its scientific content, the ESHRE networking activities and city of Amsterdam
  • Each ambassador needs to produce 15 X-posts in total prior to the annual meeting (between 17th June and 6th July 2024 included)
  • Each ambassador needs to generate/share a minimum of 10 X-posts per day during the annual meeting (from 07 to 10 July 2024)
  • Respect a high standard of communication and content
       o small talks won’t be taken into account as an eligible post
       o insults and rumours won’t be tolerated and may lead to exclusion of the ESHRE5 and annual meeting
  • Produce posts in good faith without any commercial influence
  • Create and/or re-post @eshre X-posts promoting the Annual Meeting activities: speakers, networking activities three weeks prior to the start date of 7th July
  • Post under their real name


The deadline for submission is Wednesday, 15 May 2024 (23:59 CEST).

Please read our terms and conditions before applying here.