Study of more than 107,000 women shows exercise is unrelated to risk of early menopause

Human Reproduction Press Release
The amount of physical activity that women undertake is not linked to their risk of early menopause, according to the largest study ever to investigate this question.

Application now open for ART Centre Certification

Following the success of professional certification programmes for individuals, ESHRE has developed a unique certification programme for centres based on their clinical activities and on their safety and quality standards. Moreover, the ESHRE certificate will be a guarantee of safety and quality for patients approaching ART treatments.

ESHRE's part in the 40-year history of IVF

A 324-page monograph published by Fertility and Sterility to mark the 40-year history of IVF contains a chapter on ESHRE's part in reproductive medicine's inexorable advance. The chapter goes back to ESHRE's origins and the drive of Robert Edwards to establish the Society and its journals, and on to today.

Focus on Reproduction now online

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