Family matters. Launch event - Policy Audit on Fertility. Roundtable discussion

The European Policy Audit on Fertility is the first of its kind and the only one that will give an overview of the laws, rules and regulations related to MAR in the EU28, as well as an in depth view of 9 European countries: UK, Spain, Germany, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Sweden, France and Italy.
Register for the launch event at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Artificial mouse embryo developed in vitro

A structure whose composition and architecture very closely resemble a mouse embryo has been developed in vitro by scientists in the UK. Reporting their study in the journal Science, Professor Zernicka-Goetz and colleagues at the University of Cambridge describe how, using a combination of mouse embryonic and trophoblast stem cells, together with a 3D scaffold referred to an "extracellular matrix", they were able to grow a structure capable of assembling itself as a natural embryo. After five days, the embryos resembled normal mouse embryos about to start their differentiation into various body tissues and organs.

ESHRE travel/training fellowship in collaboration with ReproUnion

ESHRE has reached an informal agreement with a Nordic network of research and clinical centres - known as ReproUnion - to provide fellowship funding for a number of clinical and basic science trainees working in fertility.
The objective of this collaboration and fellowship is to give young ESHRE members, engaged in clinical practice or scientific research, the opportunity to spend a short stay (3 to 6 months) in a laboratory/clinical unit of the ReproUnion consortium, on a competitive entry basis, in order to further their training in reproductive science and/or medicine.

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