New recommendations for PGT: give your input!

Four papers providing recommendations for good practice in Preimplantation Genetic Testing are now published for stakeholder review. The 4 papers focus on (1) organisation of PGT, (2) polar body and embryo biopsy for PGT, (3) detection of monogenic disorders (PGT-M) and (4) detection of structural and numerical chromosomal aberrations. The papers will be presented briefly in Vienna in session 27 on Monday 24th of June. Comments to any of the papers can be submitted until 11 July 2019.

ESHRE saddened by the death of one of the true pioneers of IVF

The ESHRE community has expressed its sadness to learn of the death of Professor Ian Craft, one of the true pioneers of IVF. Professor Craft died suddenly and unexpectedly at his home in London on 3 June.

Stress during early pregnancy is linked to reduced reproductive function in male offspring

Human Reproduction Press Release
Men whose mothers were exposed to stressful life events while they were in the first 18 weeks of pregnancy may have reduced sperm counts when they become adults, according to a study published today in Human Reproduction.

Beware of fraudulent websites and e-mails

We would like to draw your special attention to the risks of fraudulent websites that pretend to offer registration and hotel accommodation for our ESHRE 2019 Annual Meeting. Note that and are the only official websites. Beware of agencies and websites offering services linked to the Annual Meeting in Vienna (mostly registration and accommodation). These organisations are not linked to ESHRE and are using our name and /or logo without authorisation.

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Gene edited babies may not reach a venerable old age

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