John Biggers 1923-2018

ESHRE shares the sadness of so many others in learning of the untimely death of John Biggers, Professor Emeritus of Harvard Medical School, USA. John was born and trained in England, where in 1958 he and Anne McLaren published their landmark paper in Nature describing the first successful culture of an early mammalian (mouse) embryo, which would lay the foundations of successful IVF 20 years later, and indeed of modern clinical embryology.

New editors for ESHRE's three leading journals

ESHRE has appointed new editors-in-chief for its three leading journals. They are:
* Nils Lambalk as EiC of Human Reproduction
* Arne Sunde as EiC of Human Reproduction Update
* Keith Jones as EiC of Molecular Human Reproduction
All three will begin their terms of office at the start of 2019 following completion of two three-year terms by their predecessors Hans Evers, Felice Petraglia and Chris Barratt. Siladitya Bhattacharya remains in place as EiC of ESHRE's open access journal HROpen.

ESHRE 2018 early fee deadline approaching fast

The deadline for early fee registration for the 34th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology is approaching rapidly. Register by 2 May 2018 and save up to 200 Euro. Please also make sure your ESHRE membership is up to date. Non-members pay 175 Euro more for the Main Programme combined with a Precongress Course even if they register early.

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