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ESHRE is organising a two-day symposium at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg on 22-23 February 2018 in which experts in bioethics and MAR will explore the theme of “Access and diversity of medically assisted reproduction in Europe”. Follow the live stream of our conference and ask your questions or send your comments on Twitter with the hashtag #IVFinEurope.

Disclaimer: The interpretation of meetings serves to facilitate communication and does not constitute an authentic record of the proceedings. Only the original speech is authentic. No liability shall be incurred by the interpreter in the exercise of his/her function.

Human Reproduction Update presents new Grand Theme Review

Human Reproduction Update presents a new Grand Theme Review on the Acquisition of oocyte competence to develop as an embryo: integrated nuclear and cytoplasmic events. This is an enclyopaedic review of the cellular and molecular processes that control mammalian oocyte-to-embryo transition. The review focuses on the final stages of oogenesis and their importance for the aquisition of embryonic developmental competence. Access the full article for free.

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The ESHRE grant rewards the best projects for scientists or clinicians with innovative research ideas in the field of human reproduction and embryology.
Applications for the 50000 euro Research Grant should focus on the theme “Chromosome and DNA integrity of oocytes and embryos”, applications for the 150000 euro Research Grant on the theme “Maternal determinants of embryo developmental ability”. Deadline to send in your proposal is 3 April 2018.

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