Calendar ESHRE Campus events

Here you will find the calendar of ESHRE Campus events (workshops, courses and symposia).

ESHRE Campus events attract the world’s leading specialists and represent great opportunities to attend state-of-the art lectures.

Endoscopy in reproductive medicine

An update on endoscopic surgery in reproductive medicine with hands-on training.

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Genes vs Children: genetic inheritance and options in fertility care

A Campus course examining the relevance of genetic inheritance in ART, especially within the context of gamete donation.

Unequal access to infertility care: causes and solutions

A comprehensive course designed to cover the implications of limited access to infertility care throughout the world and review the current and future actions needed to improve the situation.

Addressing the “extremes” in ovarian stimulation: new tools for poor & hyper responders

An in-depth consideration of high and poor responders in IVF with a view to individualised treatment, improved results and safety.
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Endometriosis and infertility: the extent of the problem

A Campus course to explore the association between endometriosis and infertility through an exploration of recent epidemiological, pathological and clinical findings.

Moving on from individual connections to networks: new challenges in donor conception

A Campus course on developments in gamete and embryo donation within the wider context of new family relationships, direct-to-consumer genetic testing, and donor anonymity.

Research: getting started

A Campus course to improve skills and knowledge in the principles of research and evidence-based practice in reproductive medicine.

Top quality in ultrasound: everything you always wanted to know about ultrasound in ART and early pregnancy

A comprehensive practical Campus course covering the full range of ultrasound applications in ART and early pregnancy.

Reproduction, hormones and the brain

A comprehensive update on the impact of reproductive hormones on conditions dependent on brain function.

Are we ready for the future of male fertility creation & preservation?

In this course we aim to provide balanced discussion and information around emerging techniques and technologies to preserve, salvage or even create male fertility.

Endoscopy in reproductive medicine

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Counselling and the provision of information in third party reproduction: best practice in the face of new challenges

A course which addresses the challenges raised by gamete donation in an age of new reproductive technologies and new family configurations, with their implications for clinical practice and counselling

The haute cuisine of the IVF laboratory

A menu of factors in the IVF lab crucial for its success, from oocyte quality to standard protocols to performance indicators.

From social to elective fertility preservation: the challenging interface between society and the clinic

A state-of-the-art review and update of the clinical and societal facts and implications of elective fertility preservation with oocyte freezing

Endoscopy in reproductive medicine

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