Calendar ESHRE Campus events

Here you will find the calendar of ESHRE Campus events (workshops, courses and symposia).

ESHRE Campus events attract the world’s leading specialists and represent great opportunities to attend state-of-the art lectures.

In Vitro Modelling: from embryo to gametes

An innovative course on in vitro modelling of different phases of human early development.

How does endometriosis cause pain?

An update on the current understanding of mechanisms behind endometriosis-generated pain.

Optimizing fertility preservation for women

A Campus course designed to present the latest on fertility preservation in women with an emphasis on surgical and laboratory approaches in cancer patients. Non-oncology patients and elective indications will also be considered.

The Holy Grail of gamete and embryo assessment

This course will focus on gamete and embryo assessment and give an overview of the different approaches, invasive and non-invasive. The most controversial methods will be debated and special attention will be given to a multi-level approach to gamete and embryo selection.

Campus Course to prepare Nurses and Midwives for Certification

A course to prepare the ESHRE certification exam for nurses and midwives or for healthcare professionals starting a career in reproductive medicine.

Reproductive Immunology

This campus course will provide up-to-date information on the immunology of early pregnancy, RSA and RIF, diagnostic methods and treatment options.

Endoscopy in reproductive medicine

An update on endoscopic surgery in reproductive medicine with hands-on training.

Uterine fibroids and heavy menstrual bleeding

A course pursuing the basics and clinical and research applications of the most recent scientific developments in uterine fibroids and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Gynaecological pathologies at adolescence

An update and analysis of different gynecological pathologies seen at adolescence

Male factor infertility: the broad picture

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The impact of physical and chemical factors on human embryo culture

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Fertility care and sexuality - dilemmas and guidelines for daily practice

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Gene editing techniques in reproductive medicine

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Fertility preservation in children and adolescents: the next frontier

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Top quality in micromanipulation: everything you always wanted to know about ICSI and embryo biopsy

A Campus course covering the basic and advanced techniques of ICSI and embryo biopsy, with time allowed for trouble-shooting and expert advice on everyday problems.

The new international PCOS Guideline: tying up loose ends

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Genomics and embryo selection in assisted reproduction

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