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How to apply?

Accreditation process for Reproductive Medicine (RM) Sub-specialisation Training Centres

  1. Electronic application by the Head of the training centre is submitted online to the ESHRE Central Office - Apply online here or contact certification@eshre.eu

    Note: In the application, tutors for each part of training syllabus/programme e.g. embryology, reproductive endocrinology, andrology should be named. For all missing parts of the training syllabus, the RM centre (especially standalone units) are encouraged to outsource part(s) of the missing syllabus and establish cooperation with outside departments or units that can provide completion of the syllabus for the trainee. In the application, this statement should be supported by a Memorandum of understanding (MOU) or letter of intent between the main centre including the name of person responsible for that specific part of the training syllabus.

  2. A link is provided to settle the application fee: 3300 Euro (exclusive VAT).

  3. The EBCOG/ESHRE Subspecialties Subcommittee is notified of the application following submission of the application and will send an acknowledgement by reply.

  4. ESHRE will organize a live visit. A virtual visit will only be performed in extraordinary circumstances.
    The training centre prepares all the necessary supporting documents listed here 

  5. ESHRE nominates 2 experienced assessors of whom one may also be recognized as an EBCOG assessor. Although both societies accept 2 assessors as the optimal number there may be circumstances where a third one, such as a trainee representative, may be requested. Flights and accommodation will be arranged by ESHRE.

  6. After receiving the documentation and the payment, the assessors will inform the centre about the planned visit (live or virtual) regarding the agreed date and time, use of the ESHRE virtual accreditation platform and schedule for the visit that lists essential personnel for interview (persons obligatory for interview eg Educational supervisor/ head of department; Head of laboratory; Tutor; Fellow/ one or more, others are invited according to application).

  7. Assessors visit face to face (when able to do so) or by virtual means by audiovisual teleconference which would be performed according the planned order in the schedule of visit sent in advance by the assessors. Video conference could be in 2 parts, up to 4 hours without pause. After the meeting, the assessors will take a break of 20-30 minutes to prepare a short report and perhaps 3 slides with their decision, strong & weak points of the centre and recommendations to present to the staff and the head of the centre.

  8. Following the assessment visit/videoconference, the completed report from the assessors is submitted to the ESHRE Executive Committee for approval.

  9. The report is also submitted to the EBCOG Board for approval, following recommendation by ESHRE.

  10. EBCOG and ESHRE jointly issue the accreditation certificate for the training center for either 2 years provisional approval or for a 5 year full approval.

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Flowchart ATCRM

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