Updates regarding exam

  1. The ESHRE Embryology Certification exam has now received formal recognition from CESMA (Council for European Specialist Medical Assessment)

  2. The exam will no longer be on paper but will be fully electronic. ESHRE will provide electronic devices to take the exam on. In the last week prior to the exam, all participants will receive a link to try the mock exam and to get familiar with the exam lay-out.

  3. The exam format has changed:
    - All of the multiple choice questions (MCQs) now have 5 answer options.
    - The number of questions has been reduced to account for the question format change. There are now 70 MCQs with a single best answer and 10 MCQs where more than one answer option is correct (= true/false statements).
    - Please see examples of the two types of questions here

  4. The application fee has increased to 100 euro. This fee is non-refundable, even if the application is declined.