// ESHRE Certification for Reproductive Endoscopic Surgeons

ECRES is ESHRE's certification programme in reproductive endoscopy. This unique programme provides an opportunity for gynecologists with a special interest in reproductive surgery to validate their hysteroscopic and laparoscopic skills and experience, to establish their status as reproductive surgeons, and to join an eĢlite group of specialists. 



Evidence-based data show that reproductive surgery performed by well trained and experienced specialists can help fertility preservation and significantly improve the outcome of ART treatments. Moreover, skilful surgery can reduce patient pain and the risk of complications, and thereby improve quality of life.



The objectives of the certification programme are:

  • To improve knowledge and skills in reproductive endoscopic surgery, so encouraging physicians to enhance
    their proficiency along a clear educational path
  • To increase patient safety and reduce unnecessary cost through the provision of a quality surgical diploma
    based on the objective evaluation of skills and knowledge
  • To develop an educational curriculum for endoscopic reproductive surgery on a long term basis. This will
    help training centres to structure their courses according to a target audience and level