Abstract topics

Basic science, clinical science and paramedical abstracts will be considered for presentation in the following topic categories and authors are urged to carefully consider the topics, before indicating the single most appropriate topic for their abstract.

Topic categories:
  • Basic science 
  • Clinical science
  • Paramedical


Topics (when Basic science or Clinical science are selected):
  • Andrology / (incl. male (in)fertility, spermatogenesis, diagnostic tests, treatment, MESA, TESA, TESE, sperm donation, environmental factors related to male fertility, immunology, male contraception) 

  • Embryology (incl. IVF/ICSI, gamete and embryo selection, culture, cryopreservation, vitrification, developmental biology) 

  • Endometriosis, endometrium and fallopian tube 

  • Ethics and law 

  • Female (in)fertility (incl. oogenesis, diagnostic tests, prognostic models, intrauterine insemination, oocyte donation, body weight effects, smoking, ageing, immunology,sexually transmitted diseases, female contraception) 

  • Implantation and early pregnancy (incl. miscarriage, recurrent miscarriages, abortion, termination of pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy) 

  • Male and female fertility preservation (incl. oncofertility, medical indications, social freezing, laboratory techniques) 

  • Psychology and counselling 

  • Quality and safety of ART therapies (incl. guidelines, accreditation, EUTCD, certification, complications: premature labour, malformations, neonatal risks, multiple pregnancy, long term follow-up of children) 

  • Reproductive (epi)genetics (incl. (epi)genetic causes of infertility, PGD, PGS, prenatal diagnosis)

  • Reproductive endocrinology (incl. ovarian reserve testing, ovarian stimulation, IVM, POF, PCOS, infancy, disorders of sexual development, puberty, adolescence, menopause)

  • Reproductive epidemiology, socio-cultural aspects and and health economy (incl. cross border & developing countries)

  • Reproductive surgery (female and male)

  • Stem cells 

Topics (when Paramedical is selected):
  • Laboratory 

  • Nursing