Apostolos Kampagiannis, MD

Gynaecologist, Larissa, Greece

“Growing up in Greece, I always went around neighbour’s houses and sang songs to them at Easter. They would usually listen to the first verse, give us 100 or 200 drachmas and send us on our way. I remember one day, we walked all these steps up an apartment block, and sang a song to a young man. While we were singing, he started crying, and ran back into the apartment to hug his wife. We kept singing, not really sure what was going on, and he came back and gave us 1000 drachma. To this day, I am convinced that he had just found out he would become a father. This memory is not the only reason I wanted to work in reproductive medicine, but it has definitely stayed with me, and I love that I can experience the moment couples find out they will become parents in my daily work.”