Helen Kendrew

RGN – Clinic Director, Bath Fertility, United Kingdom

“I moved to the city of Bath because of my husband’s work, and I needed a job to contribute into the family pot. I was a general nurse on a surgical ward before, and I had never worked in the reproductive field – it was completely by chance that I found a job offer in a fertility clinic. Ever since, I can’t imagine working in any other area. I have found it such a privilege to work with people at an incredibly intimate part of their lives, when they are trying to start a family. For a short time, we are a part of their journey along this motorway of life, and then, depending on the treatment outcome, they will take a different exit. What I have found most striking is when the treatment unfortunately hasn’t worked, some couples still come and thank you for your support. That’s when, as a nurse, you really feel like you have made a difference.“