Naval Shah, MSc

Senior embryologist and regional manager, Avhya, Mumbai, India

“India has given some great scientist to the world, but the level of scientific research is not given the same importance as here in Europe. I have been working in the field of IVF for ten years, but I have had to drop out of the research I was involved in to give priority to family life. Since then, I kept working on the technical side of embryology for IVF clinics. I have been more involved with corporate set-ups, the management world and now providing third party embryology services to the Indian IVF market. During this time, I have really missed the detailed science behind this field. Being able to come to ESHRE, especially as a young ambassador, has been a dream of mine for many years - I am fulfilling such a big career goal by being here. It’s very easy to get caught up in the routine work of life in an embryology lab, and this ESHRE Annual Meeting has reminded me that there are people who are working hard to advance the field and understand more about it. I will return home with a new spark, a new kick of motivation.”