Naval Shah

Naval Shah is a talented, young and a hard-working senior embryologist and is currently serving at Avhya ART specialists Pvt. Ltd, in India as a Regional Manager-Embryology. He has done his Masters in Zoology with Endocrinology as specialization and has also completed an advanced diploma course in Biotechnology. With over a decade of IVF experience Naval specializes in PGT and vitrification. He loves his embryology and helping childless couple to have their heir is what keeps him motivated. He has a research paper published on ideal oocyte activation protocol and culture condition for somatic cell nuclear transfer and also has got a chapter published in a textbook on sperm preparations for Intra Uterine Insemination. A national level karate champion in the past, he is a strong believer in discipline, positive thinking and also believes that patience is key to success in the long run of life. He’s a hardcore nature lover and in his spare time, he loves to go on a nature trail for macro photography and bird watching.

Naval Shah is a senior Embryologist from India with over a decade of experience. Over the past 10 years, he has worked for private IVF labs, MNC’s and also as third-party embryology service provider. This provides him with a vast experience of working in diverse conditions and in different labs with different equipment. Under him, many junior embryologists have got trained and he believes in imparting the knowledge of whatever he has learned to others and help juniors to become a successful embryologist. During his college days, Naval was a national level Karate champion, a qualified swimmer and captain of his Softball team. He has won awards for best personality, anchor, drama and also an ideal student of Science in his college. He is a smiling person and always stays happy in life let whatsoever be the situation. He stays in a joint family which is typically an Indian tradition and has 9 members in a family including his wife and 4-year-old daughter.