Building restrictions

Booth construction / building restrictions

  • Minimum exhibit space = 9m2

  • Maximum exhibit space = 225 m2 (i.e. total of 25 units of 9m2)

  • To create an open environment at the exhibit, only 1/3 of each stand’s side facing an aisle may be covered by a wall (i.e. 2/3 see-through effect)

  • The maximum building height for custom made booths will be restricted to 4m for stand-alone constructions. The back wall height of an in-line booth may not exceed 2.5m.

  • The bottom rigging points will be 4.5m. Banners or signs cannot be higher than 1.5m, which brings the overall maximum height up to 6m for stand alone booths.

  • As you will notice on the floor plan for part of the exhibit area the maximum overall height is 4,80m (because the ceiling is lower). This part is marked in red on the exhibit floor plan.

  • All custom made booth plans will need to be reviewed and approved. Booth plans should be sent to at least 45 days before first build-up day




Plans building restrictions

Black section on exhibit floor plan

Distinction between black section and red section on floor plan