COVID- 19 - Cancellation Annual Meeting FAQ’s

Abstract submitters

No. The abstract selection will continue. We are exploring the development of a virtual platform allowing invited lectures and selected abstracts to be presented online. We aim to set-up a system allowing speakers to upload their presentation online.

Details about abstract reviewing and selection will be communicated individually to abstract authors soon. Authors who have not received any information about the selection of their abstract by 25 April 2020, should send us an e-mail at

You can withdraw your abstract and submit it again provided that you respect the conditions mentioned during the abstract submission phase: “The content of the submitted abstract is (a) original, unpublished material or original material that has been accepted for publication, but which is not due to be published at least 3 months before the start of the Annual Meeting and (b) original material that has not been previously presented at any international meeting in the field of reproductive medicine/science.”

Everybody who submitted an abstract will receive an e-mail on 25 April at the latest.