Building restrictions

Booth construction / building restrictions

  • Minimum exhibit space = 9 m2

  • Maximum exhibit space = 270 m2 (i.e. total of 30 units of 9 m2)

  • To create an open environment at the exhibit, only 1/3 of each stand’s side facing an aisle may be covered by a wall

  • Island booths: the maximum building height will be restricted to 4m

  • Inline, corner and peninsula booths: the back and side wall height will be restricted to 2.5m

  • Island, inline, peninsula and corner booths: the bottom height for banners and signs will be 4.5m. Banners or signs can measure maximum 1.5m, which brings the overall possible maximum height up to 6m

  • All custom made booth plans will need to be reviewed and approved. Booth plans should be in at least 45 days before the first build-up day

No exceptions will be made!


Plan building restrictions 

Building Restrictions
Island booths

Building Restrictions
Inline, corner and peninsula booths