Virtual exhibitor packages

3 virtual exhibitor packages have been pre-designed for you. You will be able to customise your exhibitor’s page by uploading your own documents or by linking to your own webpages.

You can choose between 3 exhibitor packages:

  1. Basic Exhibitor Page package: 1250 € - 35 credit points + 2 free tickets to the meeting
  2. Superior Exhibitor Page package: 3000 € - 70 credit points + 5 free tickets to the meeting
  3. Premium Exhibitor Page package: 5.500 € - 140 credit points + 10 free tickets to the meeting

You can download and view the different Exhibitor packages here. Delegates will be able to follow the online congress on their desktop/laptop or on a dedicated congress app on their mobile device. The visuals correspond to the visuals in the congress app (mobile devices) and on the desktop (laptop).

How to book a virtual exhibitor package

  • You can book your virtual exhibitor package here
    - You need to have an ESHRE account in order to log in to the online booking form
    - In case you don’t have an ESHRE account yet, then you can create one here 

  • The deadline to book your virtual exhibitor package is Friday, 4 June 2021. We recommend to pay by credit card as it speeds up the process.
    It’s also allowed to book 2 packages.

  • Only after you have booked and paid your exhibitor package, we will send you the link of the uploading page where you will be able to upload your own documents and links.
    On this webpage you will be able to see how your exhibitor’s page will look like after having uploaded your documents.

Benefits virtual exhibitor packages 

  • You are able to earn a lot of credit points which will be counted for the ranking list of our next Annual Meeting in 2022. The higher you are ranked in our ranking list, the more priority you will get when choosing your exhibit space at our live event in 2022.

  • The registered participants will have free access to your virtual pages during and after the congress days until 1 October 2021.

  • When a participant wants to view your virtual exhibitor page, he/she will be asked if it’s ok to share his/her contact details with you. If he/she agrees, then this person’s contact details will be sent to you afterwards.

  • First-time exhibitors will get a discount of 10% on the virtual exhibitor package. On the virtual exhibitor overview there will be search functions so that the participants will be able to find you based on First-time exhibitor.

Sponsor categories

According to the total amount that you will be spending at ESHRE2021, you will be considered as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond sponsor.

Please find below the sponsor categories:

- From 1250 € to 2999 € : Bronze sponsor
- From 3000 € to 9.999 € : Silver sponsor
- From 10.000 € to 29.999 € : Gold sponsor
- From 30.000 € to 49.999 € : Platinum sponsor
- Over 50.000 € : Diamond sponsor

The categories represent the budget that you will be spending at ESHRE2021. For example: an exhibitor, who is spending over 50.000 € at ESHRE2021, will appear as a Diamond sponsor on the top level of the exhibitors overview in the desktop version. In the app version the Diamond exhibitor will appear under the main sponsor of the app.

You can find examples of the exhibitors overview that we had at the Best Of ASRM & ESHRE meeting, organised in April here 

Good to know

  • CME credits have been requested so that certificates of attendance will be available for the congress delegates after the virtual congress.

  • As the Congress is virtual it will fall under Belgian jurisdiction. The location of the server is situated in Belgium. Consequently the Compliance rules of Mdeon need to be followed (see

  • Metrics of how many times delegates have clicked on your virtual exhibitor page, will be provided to you after the congress and in the months after the congress.