ESHRE 2023 Precongress Courses

Sunday 25 June 2023

Precongress Courses have been organised by ESHRE’s Special Interest Groups, on a variety of subjects. Information will regularly be added along with additional courses, so make sure you check back in for the latest updates. Please note that during these courses it will only be possible to ask questions in-person, in Copenhagen. Sli_do will not be available during the livestream.

Times are shown in CEST – Central European Summer Time. 

Precongress Course 1

Endocrine disease and male fertility: From childhood to adulthood
Andrology   organised by the Special Interest Group Andrology

Precongress Course 2

Using add-ons and new technologies in the IVF laboratory
SIG Embryology   organised by the Special Interest Group Embryology

Precongress Course 3

Endometrial disorders

SIG Endometriosis and Endometrial Disorders   organised by the Special Interest Group Endometriosis and Endometrial Disorders

Precongress Course 4

European regulation of third party reproduction
SIG Ethics and Law SIG Psychology and Counselling  organised by the Special Interest Group Ethics and Law and Psychology and Counselling

Precongress Course 5

Surviving cancer: What does the future hold?

SIG Fertility Preservation     organised by the Special Interest Group Fertility preservation

Precongress Course 6

MAR and Evidence Based Medicine
SIG Global and Sociocultural-Aspects of Infertility    organised by the Special Interest Group Global and Socio-cultural Aspects of Infertility

Precongress Course 7

Repeated implantation failure is a unique riddle: different perspectives and putative solutions
SIG Implantation and Early Pregnancy    organised by the Special Interest Group Implantation and Early Pregnancy

Precongress Course 8

Care, management and support for partners during assisted reproduction
SIG Nursing and Midwifery   organised by the Special Interest Group Nursing and Midwifery

Precongress Course 9

How to improve success rates: the big debates in ART

 SIG Reproductive Endocrinology   Special Interest Group Reproductive Endocrinology

Precongress Course 10

Meiosis: everything you need to know and more
SIG Reproductive Genetics   organised by the Special Interest Group Reproductive Genetics

Precongress Course 11

Cervix, the incubator´s door
SIG Reproductive Surgery   organised by the Special Interest Group Reproductive Surgery

Precongress Course 12

Artificial intelligence in ART - A practical course for IVF practitioners
SIG Safety and Quality in ART    organised by the Special Interest Group Safety and Quality in ART

Precongress Course 13

Improving gametogenesis
SIG Stem Cells   Special Interest Group Stem Cells

Precongress Course 14

Making science public; the traditional and modern ways

Academic authorship course Editorial board of the four ESHRE journals

Precongress Course 15

Procedure and technique for embryo transfer in humans

Half day course

 American Society for Reproductive Medicine Exchange course

Precongress Course 16

Precongress Course 17

IVF pre-treatment
MSRM      Mediterranean Society for Reproductive Medicine Exchange course

Precongress Course 18

Preparing a Cochrane systematic review
   Cochrane Exchange course