Beware of fraudulent websites and e-mails for ESHRE 2024

We would like to draw you special attention to the risks of fraudulent websites that pretend to offer registration and hotel accommodation for our ESHRE 2024 Annual Meeting.

Note that is the only official domain. RAI Amsterdam Hotel Services (e-mail: is our official housing agency for ESHRE 2024. Beware of agencies and websites offering services linked to the Annual Meeting  (mostly registration and accommodation). These organisations are not linked to ESHRE and are using our name and /or logo without authorisation. To verify the underlying account, right-click on the address - this will show you the real address behind the label.

ESHRE will not allow third-party vendors access to your information. If you receive e-mails related to the sale or distribution of participant lists, please notify us.

If you suspect you are being targeted by a fraudulent website or receive alleged scam e-mails, feel free to report by e-mail here.

The following websites are not official ESHRE 2024 related websites and ESHRE cannot be held responsible in any way for their content, nor for their use. It should also be clear that some of these websites are not secured.

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