ESHRE 2024 - FAQs

YES. It is possible to make a group registration at any time.
No participants’ details are asked when creating a group registration.
You only need to indicate the number of registrations you would like to make.

Important: A registration is only finalized with payment.
Make sure payment is done in time to guarantee the lowest fee. An overview of our fees can be found here.

YES. You can register yourself or someone else with your own account.
Accounts are personal and contain confidential data.
You should never create an account for someone else as this will lead to technical problems!
Always log in with your own account and make sure that you enter all details correctly. The person who will attend the Annual Meeting is the one who needs to be filled in during the Participant step in the registration procedure.
Please enter your member ID (E-XX-XXXXX) in the registration form (under participant - member verification). Press enter after you typed your member ID to validate.
You can check the status of your membership on this page. If your membership has expired, you can always renew it here. Keep in mind that membership only becomes activated once the payment is fully processed. We strongly advise to finalize payment by credit card for urgent matters!

Membership fees only apply to active ESHRE members.
Non-members can always apply for membership before registering for the meeting.

If you are going through the individual registration form as a non-member, you will have the option to become an ESHRE member all at once. By selecting that option, the membership fee will be added to your registration fee.

Allied professional and student member registration applies to support personnel such as:
nurses / midwives,
laboratory technicians / clinical embryologists (BSc level),
counsellors / psychologists / social workers,
undergraduate, graduate and medical students residents & research trainees

YES. Authors that are selected to give an oral presentation have to register to the Annual Meeting.

Please select personal address and mention the name of your affiliation in the address field.
YES. You can make changes to the invoicing address (in the registration form) as long as the final invoice has not been sent. After that changes are no longer possible.
No. Day registrations are not offered by ESHRE.
No. You can enter the exhibition by registering as “visitor (exhibit only)” in the registration form.
No. All registration fees are non-refundable.

Only participants who have registered for the scientific programme and have attended sessions (virtually or live) can download a certificate of attendance after completing an evaluation form.

The certificate of attendance can only be downloaded online by the participants themselves.
The forms for the precongress courses will become available on Sunday, 7 July at 12:00 CEST noon, the one for the main programme on Tuesday, 9 July at 12:00 CEST noon.

Yes. Invitation letters are offered to people who have registered for the Annual Meeting.
A button to download this document becomes available in the individual registration overview after payment has been settled.
Lunch is complimentary but limited and is therefore offered on a first come, first serve basis to participants who are on site and wish to save time during lunch breaks.