A short introduction to ESHRE

The primary objective of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) is to promote interest in and comprehension of reproductive biology and medicine.

ESHRE actively engages in global collaborations, advocating for universal improvements in scientific research and the harmonisation in clinical practices. Furthermore, it offers valuable guidance aimed at enhancing safety measures and ensuring quality assurance in both clinical and laboratory procedures.

Among its wide-ranging activities, ESHRE is committed to educating, training, and accrediting professionals in the field. It also takes on the responsibility of developing and maintaining data registries. Moreover, ESHRE plays a key role in facilitating and disseminating research in human reproduction and embryology to the general public, scientists, clinicians and patient associations.

Additionally, ESHRE collaborates with policy makers and politicians across Europe, furthering its mission to advance the field of human reproduction and embryology.

For more information about ESHRE, please visit https://www.eshre.eu/Home/About-us

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ESHRE Exhibit