Abstract submission

All abstracts can only be submitted with the online submission form and must arrive at the ESHRE Central Office on Thursday, 1 February 2024 at 11:59 (noon) CET at the latest. Once past the deadline (starting 12:00 noon) it will not be possible to submit new abstracts. Saved but not submitted abstracts can be submitted until Friday, 2 February 2024 at 7:00 (morning) CET. Abstracts sent by e-mail, fax or post will be ignored. Please read the on-line instructions carefully before submitting your abstract.


Topic choice

Authors are urged to carefully consider the list of topics, before indicating the single most appropriate topic for their abstract.


Prepare a minimum of at least two, maximum five keywords. 


You will be asked to enter a short bio, please have it ready. 

After submission

All abstracts will be refereed in the absence of the names and addresses of the authors.
Authors are requested to indicate their preference for:

  • oral presentation only
  • oral/poster presentation
  • poster presentation only

on the abstract submission form. Abstracts that are submitted for oral/poster presentation, but that are not selected for oral communication can be referred to the poster sessions. The decisions of the selection committee are final. All accepted abstracts and the index of authors will be published in an abstract book, a monograph to the Human Reproduction Journals.