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Choosing and using embryos: novel approaches to embryo selection

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SIG Embryology   

organised by the  ESHRE Special Interest Group Embryology

Course description

Efficient embryo selection is a crucial step for the successful outcome of an IVF/ICSI cycle. In addition to morphology grading, several approaches are currently available in the IVF laboratory for the evaluation of embryo viability and developmental competence, including time-lapse technology, invasive and non-invasive methods. This course will review the principles, efficacy, safety and indications for the use of these approaches, presenting the latest published data.

Target audience

Embryologists, lab technicians, clinicians


Session 1: Choosing eggs and sperm
Choosing the egg - Thomas ebner
Choosing the sperm - Jackson Kirkman-Brown

Session 2: Fertilisation and embryo development
What fertilisation looks like - Giovanni Coticchio
The anatomy of an embryo: lessons from the eshre atlas of embryology - Cristina Magli

Session 3: Using time-lapse technology for embryo selection
Time-lapse and embryo selection: where are we really at? - Amy Barrie
Developments in fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy for embryo selection - Denny Sakkas

Session 4: Automation in embryo assessment
Time-lapse and AI: big data and bigger questions - Ioannis Sfontouris
Automatic for the embryo - Denny Sakkas

Session 5: Choosing viable embryos using PGT
PGT-A: for the many or the few? - Elpida Fragouli
PGTa using blastocoel fluid: a feasible proposition? - Agnieszka Nowak

Session 6: Non-invasive embryo selection
Non-invasive PGT: hope, hype or reality? - Elpida Fragouli
Will metabolism ever give a biomarker of embryo quality? - Roger Sturmey

Session 7: Embryo grading; old and new
Embryo grading systems: need for an update? - Gemma Arroyo Cardona
Using lessons from TLT to inform static embryo evaluation - Monica Marques

Session 8: New insights into blastocyst development
Compaction and Blastulation: opportunities for perfecting embryo assessment - Thomas Ebner
Implications of fast and slow blastocyst development - Danilo Cimadomo

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