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Course description

Clinicians face an increasing dilemma of how to protect the psychological wellbeing of people who undergo ART. This campus aims to explore two emerging issues in this field – Artificial intelligence (AI) and unregulated assisted reproduction. Discussions will include how to support patients who pursue parenthood outside the fertility clinic, the potential of AI-based online counselling, and how mental health professionals can be better informed.


Target audience

Psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors and other related health care professionals already working in or with an interest in fertility.


Educational needs and expected educational outcomes

This course will increase knowledge regarding unregulated ART and AI in ART in the context of psychosocial counselling.

After the course, participants will have learned how AI might help provide wellbeing support to patients using ART. They will gain an understanding of what counselling can be offered in the context of unregulated ART such as the use of online sperm donors. The course will provide them with the knowledge and tools to meet patients’ needs.

Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Discussions


The official language of the course is English.