The more the merrier? The impact of adjuvant treatments on pregnancy potential in IVF

ESHRE Campus Symposium

Course description

The course will address novel, innovative adjuvant therapies in the context of modern fertility treatment. Scientifically-based evaluation of the benefits and potential risks of adjuvant treatments will encourage better counselling of fertility patients.

Organising Secretariat

ESHRE Central Office - Meerstraat 60, 1852 Grimbergen,  Belgium

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General information

The official language of the course is English. 

The symposium syllabus will be provided in electronic format (PDF), participants can download the workshop App. ESHRE will apply for European CME credits (ECMEC). 

Following Ethical MedTech assessment, this Campus meeting was found to be compliant. This decision has also been posted on the Ethical MedTech website – see