ESHRE Campus on-demand

Here you will find the overview of ESHRE Campus Workshops that were staged on our eCampus platform as virtual events. The recordings will remain available to registered participants exclusively in the year following the Workshop.

Registrations for the on-demand programme open one month after the Workshop has been held. Please click on the workshop you are interested in and register, if you haven't already. We hope you’ll enjoy the new format and way of learning.

The endometrium in ART: truth and fallacies of the black box of embryo implantation

An advanced critical appraisal of the endometrium and its association with ART from an endocrine, immunological and anatomical perspective.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 24 October 2021

Need or no need for septum incision: that´s the question!

During this course we will review physiopathology, diagnosis and reproductive outcome of septate uterus, associated pathology and the pros and cons of surgical resection with some tips for consideration during the procedure.


registration open until 31 October 2021

The unsuitable uterus

A course reviewing the latest approaches to managing the uterine environment following fertility-sparing surgery.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 03 October 2021

On fertile ground: transferring a healthy embryo to a receptive womb

An exploration of successful and failed implantation from clinical, hormonal, embryological and endometrial perspectives.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 06 November 2021

An introduction to errors in ART

An introductory course which aims to define the potential for errors in the IVF lab and clinic and encourage an attitude of openness about them.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 31 October 2021

Preconception genomic medicine: from risk assessment to precision reproductive medicine

A course covering the basic and advanced concepts of genetic and epigenetic inheritance, with specific consideration of preconceptional extended genetic testing.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 11 December 2021

From social to elective fertility preservation: the challenging interface between society and the clinic

A state-of-the-art review and update of the clinical and societal facts and implications of elective fertility preservation with oocyte freezing

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 16 December 2021

Success in ART: new concepts, new strategies

A Campus course on the latest developments in predicting ovarian response and defining stimulation protocols for the highest probability of pregnancy.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 22 January 2022

Counselling and the provision of information in third party reproduction: best practice in the face of new challenges

A workshop which addresses the challenges raised by gamete donation in an age of new reproductive technologies and new family configurations.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 29 January 2022

Adenomyosis: What we know, and what we don’t know

State-of-the-art view on pathogenic mechanism and clinical management of patients with adenomyosis.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 13 March 2022

Webinar Series: Fertility preservation in breast cancer patients

This series of webinars will discuss the different methods of fertility preservation that apply for breast cancer patients


registration open until 25 March 2022

Cryopreservation of ovarian tissue

This is an in-depth course on the cryopreservation of ovarian tissue, primarily offered to cancer patients in need of urgent fertility preservation.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 24 April 2022

The fate of an embryo

Updated overview on the guidance regarding embryo transfer and the many possible other "fates of the embryo" beyond uterine placement to achieve a pregnancy, integrating the relevant ethical and legal aspects.


registration open until 27 April 2022

The endometrium in health and disease

A Campus course on recent developments in endometrial research covering stem cell biology, the microbiome, the immune system and signalling pathways.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 30 April 2022

Reproduction, hormones and the brain

This half day course entails online presentations covering a contemporary comprehensive update about reproductive endocrine physiologic and pathologic conditions in relation to brain function.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 06 May 2022

Gamete donors: sociodemographic profiles, motivations and treatment

A Campus update considering gamete donation from two ethical and practical perspectives: the anonymity or not of sperm donors, and the commercialisation of oocyte donation.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 14 May 2022

Time-lapse technology in the IVF laboratory: Management, achievements and challenges

This one-day virtual workshop will cover all major aspects of the management, achievements and challenges of time-lapse technology in the IVF lab.

eCampus, on-demand

registration open until 22 May 2022

Quality management in ART - an update

This course will describe what and how to code, which codes can be used and the status of SEC in the field of ART. The course will describe when and how to perform the 8D problem-solving model in the MAR field.


registration open until 25 May 2022

ESHRE Clinical Embryologist Certification and Continuing Professional Development

After the webinar, participants should have a deeper understanding of the professional status of clinical embryologists, how the ESHRE Clinical Embryologist Certification system is organized, and which are their objectives and the strategies to achieve these objectives.


view on eCampus free of charge until 27 May 2022

Webinar Series: ESHRE Certification for Nurses and Midwives

This webinar series will help nurses and midwives to prepare for the exam of the ESHRE nurses and midwives certification.


registration open until 31 May 2022

Good practices for evaluating quality, safety and efficacy of novel tissue and cellular therapies and products - EuroGTP II methodologies and tools

The aim of this training webinar is to aid cell and tissue bankers and healthcare professionals in the evaluation of safety, quality and efficacy of MAR therapies, thus providing effective care of their patients.


view on eCampus free of charge until 11 June 2022