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Webinar series "Essential knowledge in reproductive medicine"

ESHRE Webinars

 organised by all ESHRE Special Interest Groups, from an idea of the ESHRE Young Talent Group

Course description

The webinar series “Essential knowledge in Human Reproduction and Embryology” sets out to provide an overview of the different aspects of reproductive medicine. The course is essential for every professional starting his/her career in the field, but also helpful for those professionals already experienced in ART but looking to broaden their knowledge and understanding.

Each week, one webinar will focus on a specific topic of interest, including embryology, clinical practice in reproductive medicine, but also psychosocial care and ethics, and reproductive biology. The topics will be discussed at a level that is understandable for non-experts, with an opportunity ask questions to the speaker.

Fourteen leading experts in the field will present their considerations on the most important aspects of reproductive biology and medicine as key information which will help and guide you in your day-to-day practice.

The speakers will also present some key resources on the topic. More resources and information, as well as links to further education (webinars, courses), can be found at the webpage of the different ESHRE Special Interest Group (SIG). Please visit and click on the SIG of your interest


Course type

Basic education


Target audience

Everyone interested in reproductive medicine. The webinar is aimed at younger professionals that would gain a broader contextual knowledge on reproductive medicine, but also other professionals looking to expand their knowledge on topics that lay outside their expertise.


Learning objectives

The series of 14 webinars will provide give a complete package of essential knowledge in reproductive medicine.

  • Essential knowledge on ovarian stimulation:
    During the webinar, the following topics will be covered: drawbacks and benefits of GnRH Antagonist and GnRH Agonist protocols; gonadotropin dose and safe triggering methods. Participants can (re-)watch the recording on eCampus here

  • Essential knowledge on psychosocial care in MAR

  • Essential knowledge on safety and quality in ART

  • Essential knowledge on female fertility preservation

  • Essential knowledge on Embryology : ICSI
    The webinar will focus on the ICSI procedure and provide the attendees with tips on how to improve their work

  • Essential knowledge on Nursing and midwifery

  • Essential knowledge in endometriosis: Epidemiology, pathogenesis, molecular mechanisms, patient care and clinical challenges:
    The webinar will touch upon the different topics that concern this disease

  • Essential knowledge on the role of surgery in infertility:
    The webinar will explain the basics on laparoscopic and hysteroscopic surgical procedures with proven evidence on enhancing fertility

  • Essential knowledge on the andrology lab: analysis, preparation, freezing and decision-making

  • Essential knowledge on early pregnancy : pathologies, symptoms, diagnosis and management
    The webinar will provide an overview of early pathologies of early pregnancy associating pain and bleeding (miscarriage, ectopic and molar pregnancy)

  • Essential knowledge on stem cells in reproductive biology
    Types of stem cells, application of human stem cells to reproduction (in vitro gametogenesis, regeneration of reproductive organs, but also modelling human early embryos)

  • Essential knowledge on cross-border reproductive care
    A global overview of the diversity of ART legal framework and care in the world, including in Europe, and its consequences

  • Essential knowledge on ethical dilemmas in reproductive medicine
    The webinar includes a discussion of ethical concepts in reproductive medicine, including reproductive autonomy, the right to found a family, welfare of the future child, patient wellbeing, procreative beneficence, but also the moral status of the human embryo and scientific isolationism

  • Essential knowledge on the management of a PGT-A cycle
    During the webinar, the following topics will be covered: basics on pre-test preparation, post-test analysis, issues with embryo selection, mosaicism, and rebiopsy


Educational needs and expected outcomes

The webinar series will give participants a complete overview of all the different fields of reproductive medicine. After the webinar series, participants will have an overview of the different aspects of reproductive medicine and they will have gained a good basic understanding that will help them in their daily work.



The series consists of 14 webinars on the following dates 15 February, 22 February, 1 March, 8 March, 15 March, 22 March, 29 March, 5 April, 12 April, 19 April, 26 April, 3 May, 10 May and 17 May

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Participants will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the programme. Participants can obtain a certificate of attendance after watching the webinar on the eCampus platform. There are only 1000 places for live attendance of the webinar and we will work with a first come, first serve base. The recording will become available on the eCampus platform after the webinar took place.