Course description

Course type


Course description

This workshop aims to provide basic knowledge and training for the provision of counselling and psychosocial support in fertility healthcare settings. In order to provide adequate psychosocial care in reproductive medicine, mental health professionals have to acquire specific knowledge about the field that is not provided in their academic education. Basics knowledge on medical issues regarding fertility treatments is essential. In addition, specific knowledge about fertility field, third-party reproduction and the counselling issues related to it should be acquired by psychologist and counsellors working in this field.


Target audience

Psychologists, counsellors and related professionals working or aiming to work in the reproductive medicine field.


Educational needs and expected outcomes

The course will address basic knowledge and competencies for mental and health care professionals. The sessions will address the links between psychology and other social sciences, the multidisciplinary work in the fertility field and practice guidelines implemented at fertility clinics. Ultimately, the aim is to educate and promote an evidence-based approach combined with training and clinical experience. This course aims to fulfil the education and professional training needed by these professionals, namely:

  • Acquire basic knowledge on the psychological and counselling aspects of reproductive medicine
  • Develop counselling skills and techniques through hands-on experience
  • Build a peer support network with other participants and presenters


Innovative aspects

This workshop is the opportunity to bring together experienced researchers and psychologists/counsellors in the field of reproductive medicine and reproductive health, which will contribute to provide newcomers in the field with a peer network that can support them in their practice.


Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Discussions
  • Case discussions


The official language of the course is English.