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Course description

This ESHRE Campus will focus on recent progress in the fast-moving and exciting field of female and male fertility preservation. Such opportunities are becoming increasingly important for the quality of life of patients treated for cancer and wanting to start a family. We bring together a multidisciplinary course to learn about the latest results on how findings from stem cell research and reproductive bioengineering are providing new possibilities for the improvement of fertility preservation.


Target audience

Professionals dealing with different aspects of fertility preservation (oncologists, gynaecologists, ART clinicians), clinical and laboratory scientists, stem cell researchers and embryologists.


Educational needs and expected educational outcomes

This Campus course will provide a forum for experts to discuss highly innovative techniques and emerging methods and challenges in fertility preservation. It will also serve as a knowledge base for researchers and clinicians throughout Europe as well as an encouragement for new collaborations.


Innovative aspects of the course

The course will bring together a diverse group of professionals involved in different aspects of fertility preservation and in the application of stem cells and bioengineering in fertility preservation. This is the first time a Campus course combines a clinical approach to fertility preservation with the basic science of tissue engineering and stem cell research to offer an exciting perspective on the future of fertility preservation.

Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Discussions


The official language of the course is English.