Course description

Course type


Course description

This course will offer an advanced critical appraisal of the genetic tests related to male factor infertility and their use and interpretation in a clinical environment from an evidence-based perspective.
At the end of this course, participants should understand which genetic tests are currently available for infertile males, the clinical rationale for their use, how to interpret their results, and the medical decisions which follow.


Target audience

Embryologists, reproductive endocrinologists, andrologists, urologists, scientists


Educational needs and expected educational outcomes

Participants are expected to understand:

  • How to diagnose Klinefelter's syndrome and its fertility potential, including fertility preservation options
  • How to use karyotype information in clinical practice
  • The relevance of Y microdeletions in the infertile male
  • How some rare genetic conditions are associated with male infertility
  • Genetic tests for idiopathic infertility in the male
  • The latest technologies in development for investigating male infertility


Innovative aspects of the course

This is the first joint course of the SIG-A and SIG-RG on a topic which overlaps both fields of knowledge. All relevant genetic approaches to male infertility will be covered.

Educational methods

  • Lectures
  • Discussions


The official language of the course is English.