Council of Europe meeting - Strasbourg 2018

In Europe medically assisted reproduction (MAR) is nearly always regulated by national legislations. However, in this Europe where people are free to move some treatments are allowed in some countries and forbidden in others, limited here and widely available there. This is why some patients cross borders every day for access to treatments and techniques that are forbidden in their home country.

Europe’s common history might have forged common human values and a common understanding of what governs human life, death and relationships. Still, we find these values remain varied.
How then can one create a common legislation in bioethics? On which grounds do decision-makers make their choice? What values may or may not give access to a technique?

There is no better place than the Council of Europe to talk about these differences, understand the diversity of thought and values, and face the reality of social change.

ESHRE is committed to creating the forum for this debate and will thus be organising a two-day symposium in which experts in bioethics and MAR will explore the theme of “Access and diversity of medically assisted reproduction in Europe”.