A call for guidelines on embryo transfer 

Campus plans on microinjection and on quality management

A huge amount of abstracts were submitted in the Safety & Quality category for Barcelona. We have read them with much interest. Competition for selection is tough, so please do not give up and try again if you were unsuccessful this time.

Precongress course
Our precongress course on surrogacy features a subject of much interest but inadequate debate. We have assembled eminent speakers to share their experience and thoughts on surrogacy, a subject which is highly complex, controversial and variously regulated. Most if not all specialists in infertility will meet patient(s) interested in surrogacy but society at large has, so far, shown its ambivalence by either banning the treatment altogether or skirting around concerns commercialisation or women in low resource circumstances. 

Petra De Sutter, an expert on the subject, describes these issues in a YouTube video based on a report she compiled for the Council of Europe last year.

Questionnaire on embryo transfer

Thank you all for your responses to our questionnaire on the number of embryos transferred in Europe. It is clear from your answers that an ESHRE guideline or recommendation is necessary: 80% of participants answered ‘yes’ on this specific question.

Campus courses

We are now finalising our Campus course with the SIG Embryology on micromanipulation and ICSI. This course will be organised in 2019, probably in May. Please keep an eye on the ESHRE website for details and registration. Later, around November 2019, we will host a Campus event on quality management. This course will take the basic principles of quality management to the next level by having interactive sessions with experts providing practical examples of translating best theory into best practice.

ESHRE at the annual conference of the Indian Association of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR)

ESHRE attended the annual conference of the Indian Association of Assisted Reproduction (ISAR) in Kolkata, India, which was attended by a record number of participants (about 3000), up from about 1500 last year. We had a session on elective single embryo transfer and a masterclass where time lapse (Thomas Ebner), stem cell derived gametes and genomic editing (Björn Heindryckx) and safety, quality and finances in modern-day IVF (Zdravka Veleva) were on the agenda.

You can stay tuned with the SIG SQART on our ESHRE web pages and follow SQART on Facebook.

Kelly Tilleman
Co-ordinator SIG SQART