The App managing endometriosis

An evidence-based App was created containing the full text of the guideline, separated in chapters, with links to background information and instructions. Furthermore, the app includes a decision-aid based on the recommendations within the guideline.

For reasons of transparency and validity, a rigorous methodology was applied on defining the decision-aid:
  • recommendations are copied to the letter, 
  • links to the full text of the guideline describing the reasoning behind the recommendations are provided, 
  • pathways are clarified to the users by visualising the flow charts. 

The decision aid is subdivided in 6 topics:
  • recognition of symptoms
  • clinical examination 
  • establishing diagnosis
  • treatment of endometriosis-associated pain
  • endometriosis-associated infertility
  • choosing hormonal treatment.

Available for iOS and Android mobile devices and computers

The ESHRE App “Managing endometriosis” is freely accessible for ESHRE members.