Recommendations for good practice in Ultrasound: Oocyte retrieval


ESHRE Special Interest Groups Safety and Quality in ART, Endometriosis and Endometrial Disorders and Implantation and Early Pregnancy 

Aim: The intended guideline will put together standardised, evidence based data and experts’ opinion on USS practice in ART. The primary advantage of developing such a guideline will be the creation of a guidance to be used in countries where there are no national guidelines, this could potentially have a significant impact on patient’s care worldwide.

Current status: open for stakeholder review until 23 April 2019.

Open for stakeholder review - give your input

The ESHRE Working group on Ultrasound in ART is proud to present the draft of the recommendations for good practice in Ultrasound: Oocyte retrieval. We would like to invite you to submit your comments.

We welcome every comment to the guideline: you can either look at the comprehensiveness, clarity and applicability of the recommendations, but you can also review the entire document in detail or only one section of special interest to you.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Read the draft version

  2. Submit your comments:
    To submit your comment, please complete the review form and send it to before 23 April 2019.

  3. All comments will be listed in the review report, with a response of the working group. If relevant, the recommendations paper will be altered. If no change is made, the reasons for this will also be recorded. The review report, including a list of all reviewers, will be published on the ESHRE website.

Thank you for your valuable feedback.