About ESHRE membership

Membership of the Society is open to all individuals active in the field of reproductive medicine and science including medical doctors, scientists, students and support personnel (such as nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians, counsellors, psychologists, social workers and ESHRE certified clinical embryologists). Since it was founded in 1985, ESHRE has seen its membership increase from 349 to more than 6000 members. Overall, the membership is distributed over 110 different countries, with a majority of members in Europe. 


Membership of the Society includes

Membership of the Society offers many benefits, including reduced registration fees and subscriptions to the official ESHRE Journals. For instance - based on ESHRE 2016 rates - a member who participates in the Annual Meeting will save up to 124 Euro (Main Programme only - early registration fee). 

A member subscribing to the journal Human Reproduction will save up to 460 Euro for the printed journal and up to 497 Euro for the online-only journal (based on 2014 subscription rates)!



  • Reductions in registration fees for all ESHRE activities
  • Reductions for subscribers to the ESHRE Journals
  • Regular updates and information on all activities in the form of newsletters, brochures, leaflets and circular letters
  • Access to member-only sections of the ESHRE website and to ESHRE's e-learning platform e-Campus
  • Active participation in the Society’s policy-making by admission to the Annual General Assembly
  • Three issues per year of Focus on Reproduction 
  • ESHRE members can submit an application for an ESHRE research grant up to € 150,000 
  • ESHRE members can apply for the ESHRE certification exams
  • ESHRE Campus lecture handouts are temporarily limited to participants and ESHRE members 

Membership categories

There are three different membership categories:  

 Applies to:

for 1 year

for 3 yrs


 individuals with a doctoral degree or equivalent scientific accomplishment




 undergraduate, graduate and medical students, residents and
 post-doctoral research trainees




 support personnel such as: nurses/midwives, laboratory technicians,
 counsellors/psychologists/social workers, ESHRE certified
 clinical embryologists (BSc level)



Students and Paramedical members need to send a confirmation letter from their Head of Department to prove their status or a copy of their student card showing the expiration date. Embryologists have to register at the ordinary membership fee unless we receive a letter in which their Head of Department confirms they work in a routine environment as a lab technician. If we do not receive a proper proof of status within 2 weeks after the membership application is submitted, your application will be cancelled. If you apply for student or paramedical membership, you will be requested to upload your proof of status. You can use this template in Word or PDF format
Please make sure you have it close before your start filling the form as you won't be able to proceed without it. If you have to send it later to complete your file, you can do so by e-mail (membership@eshre.eu).

Please allow 2 days up to one week for your membership to be (re-)activated.
To avoid the process of having to renew your membership every year, ESHRE offers its members the possibility of signing up as a member for three years. This means that when you renew your membership, you pay a fee of 180 Euro (3 x 60 Euro instead of 3 x 70 Euro) for ordinary membership or 90 Euro (3 x 30 Euro) for paramedical members. Your membership will then be activated for three consecutive years.