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Professor Hans Evers, Editor-in-Chief of Human Reproduction, casts his eye over the current issue of Human Reproduction and selects his own highlight.

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Fertility after cancer, these are promising times

We publish a record six papers on reproductive epidemiology this month. I selected one.
In Scotland, like in Scandinavia, linkage of national databases offers the opportunity to study whether women achieve pregnancy after a cancer diagnosis on a population basis. Richard Anderson and co-workers made use of this. They show that nowadays cancer has less negative impact on the chance of a subsequent pregnancy in young women than 20-30 years ago. This goes for some key cancers like cervical cancer, breast cancer and Hodgkin lymphoma. There has however not been an improvement in the impact of other cancers, notably leukaemia and brain/CNS cancer. These data quantify the impact of cancer on the chance of becoming pregnant. They highlight the need for interventions to protect fertility in girls and young women with cancer, and to support them if they consider pregnancy once their treatment is completed.

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Richard A Anderson David H Brewster Rachael Wood Sian Nowell Colin Fischbacher Tom W Kelsey W Hamish B Wallace

The impact of cancer on subsequent chance of pregnancy: a population-based analysis

Human Reprod volume 33, issue 6 1 July 2017, pages 1281–1290